2x Application Server

2X Application Server XG

Centrally publish Windows applications and desktops to simplify administration and reduce costs.


Hypervisor Vendor-Independent

The 2X ApplicationServer XG allows hypervisor vendor independence, supporting a wide range of hypervisors, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, ESX, and ESXi, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VirtualBox, Windows Remote Desktop Services/Windows Terminal Services and more . Virtual desktops (VDI) are load balanced while automatically suspending unused resources. To see a list of approved platforms.


Publish Applications and Desktops

The 2X ApplicationServer XG allows you to publish Windows-based applications installed on a terminal server to remote user desktops, delivering applications with a local touch and feel for a great user experience.


iOS and Android Connectivity

Connect to remote desktops and published applications from iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Supports native RDP connections and all major VDI platforms, with device redirection. Download 2X Client for iPad, iPhone or Android.


2X VirtualInfrastructure - Designer

Included with Enterprise installations. Allows real-time monitoring and modification of users' VDI environments, viewing users' VDI environments graphically in Visio format, and includes ready-to-use templates for typical scenarios. Download the 2X InfrastructureDesigner.


Seamless Integration with Users’ Local Desktop and Taskbar

Remote desktops and applications fully integrate with users’ local desktop and taskbar, as remote applications will automatically show up in the local taskbar and/or on the desktop. Users can also copy and paste between local and remote desktops and applications


Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform Integration

Deepnet Unified Authentication Platform Integration


Centrally Manage User Settings and Connectivity

With the 2X ApplicationServer XG, you can manage settings and connectivity options for all users directly from the management console.


Universal Printing

Universal printing eliminates the need to manage and install printer drivers on your terminal servers. Users can print either to their locally attached printer or to printers connected on the client's network. To see how universal scanning works, watch the 2X Universal Printing and Scanning video


Universal Scanning

Universal scanning eliminates the need to install scanner drivers on your servers and allows any application with TWAIN support to use hardware connected to the client device for remote scanning. To see how universal scanning works, watch the 2X Universal Printing and Scanning video.


Multiple Monitor Support

Displays published applications and desktops on up to 16 multiple monitors.


Publish Applications Based on Username, Group or IP

Integration with Active Directory allows administrators to control users’ desktop and application access. When configuring desktop and application access, administrators simply specify to which users, groups or IPs the resource should be delivered.


Web Portal

Dynamic web interface which displays a list of published desktops and applications to the user based on filtering criteria, such as username, group or IP, and allows administrators to customize appearance settings. Watch our videos to see a demonstration of the 2X Web Portal for users and the 2X Web Portal for administrators.


Download : 2x Brochure