Passport Reader

Passport/ID Reader 

Wintone® Passport Reader, as another special application of Wintone® TH-OCR® technology, is a multi-purpose passport reader that can be consists of an exclusive full-image capture device with RFID reading and OCR processing technology. Wintone® Passport Reader is developed in compliancy with the ICAO Doc 9303 specification, and designed with the functions of 3.0 Megapixel high-definition imaging captured and Auto-sensing trigger, which enable it to ideally and accurately extract the textual information as well as the document image from e-Passports, Visas and other travel documents of different countries, and convert them into the file, clipboard or the third party system you need.

■ Compliancy ICAO Doc 9303 specifications
■ To provide 3.0 Megapixel, and the resolution of image captured is 400DPI
■ Easily operation: USB interface cable
■ Automatically trigger
■ OCR processing
■ RFID reading
■ 1D & 2D bar code reading
■ Contactless Integrated Circuit (CIC) reading and writing (optional)
■ To provide imaging in 24-bit visible color, infrared, ultraviolet(optional)
■ To provide Software Development Kit to be easily integrated
■ Customized client requirements
■ Fast processing time - 2-3 seconds
■ Automatically transfers the text and images to a database or to a file.
■ Easy integration of authentication technologies


Border crossings
Public securities

■ Exit and Entry Management Bureau
■ Frontier Inspection Station
■Local police station
Airports, Train/ Bus Terminals
Hotels, Banks, and Travel agencies


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